Heard at cellar door…..

Heard at cellar door…..

Heard at cellar door…..

…and in wine magazines reviews.

“I drink anything…I have a versatile palate.”(Maybe an “agile” palate is good too)

“I only drink straight varietals and never blends…blends pollute the palate.”(Strong convictions and principles could restrict your options to experiment).

“This Riesling has a bouquet of bath salts and Barbie Doll” (a real review in Gourmet Wine Traveller of a 98/100 Riesling! Essence of plastic, cheap perfume and your Grandma’s bathroom? Hopefully not!)

“Palate is as fat as an overaged cherub” (kinda makes sense for a big oaky chardonnay).

“How much Kerosene is actually in those old Rieslings?”(we tend to describe the aged Rieslings as “honeyed” now as “Kerosene” gets all sorts of odd reactions!).

Mispronunciations of Sangiovese:
Sendyawuzzie: this ones too easy to drink mate!
Snagiovese: great with a BBQ!

“Can I have a bottle of the Late Pickled Elva?” Mum is surely “late” but was not often pickled!

“The bouquet of that Petit verdot….violets and chocolate; reminds me of easter egg hunts…”. (the person who wrote about Barbie Dolls?)

“Jeez mate, you named a wine after your mother in law? Must be vinegar eh?”(If my mother in law had been at cellar door I would have let her loose on him!).

“My god, this Synergy blend is better than the US$200 a bottle Bordeaux I am buying for my restaurant list”(NY sommelier visiting Canberra on a fact finding mission; I am still waiting on the promised export order of a pallet though!).

“I usually drink Bundie and coke but these reds are great!” (another non-wine drinker on a wine tour for some unknown reason, and is turned from the “dark side” of RTDs to dry reds.)